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Textcode Software offers its customers all IT-related services, programming improvement, web creation services,and much more to help them with increasing their business domains and reach their desired goals. We target to be productive in providing our services to different kinds of audiences and attend to all their specific needs. Textcode Software aims to be a company on which their customers can be dependable and we could happen to be beneficial for them.

Textcode Software contributes in bringing forth people with excellent search engine optimization techniques that can help in bringing more people with the knowledge of your business domain. With SEO, you can generate more leads which would help you in staying ahead of the competition. It provides a better user-friendly experience and our highly skilled workers at Textcode Software are there to provide you SEO assistance through different techniques which are listed below.

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    • On-Page SEO

    All the different methods you use to make your web page rank higher on search engine results pages come under On-Page SEO.This technique involves the optimization of the content on your website. It helps to make people reach your web page with the help of keywords, images, descriptions, titles, and more. We provide maximum effort to build your website through On-Page SEO

    • Off-Page SEO

    This involves everything that does not happen on your website and tends to the things you do outside of your website. Textcode Software works on providing exposure and building trust for your website which would attract more customers by building links with different kinds of websites that are trusted everywhere, having the same domain as you.

    • Technical SEO

    Technical SEO covers the area of lending help to search engines to crawl your website. This type of SEO covers faster website speed, making your site to be able to run on mobiles and the formation of a stable URL structure using the HTTPS hyperlink. All these services are provided with ease at Textcode Software.