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B2B and B2C Portals

When you are going to develop your business website, you should know to whom you are providing your products and services. It means you are establishing a business with businesses or customers. Hence, B2B or B2C websites need to be clear, precise, and short. You should design the portal with an appealing design so that it highlights the product and service. Hence, in this race of web development, we at Textcode Software wins. We are a specialized company in providing web and apps development and designing. Our websites are high-end, robust, and match international standards.

We ensure the best and high-end results for your projects. Therefore, we are experts in multidimensional operations. We design prominent websites for customers and businesses as well. Hence, you can curate the site as per your needs. Taking our service will prove to be very beneficial for you. Some of our advantages are given below

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    Reduction in cost and time

    If you develop your business b2b and b2c portals website with us, you are not only saving huge on cost. But optimizing a lot in time as well. We provide different website portals for both. Hence, your business operations will not become messy.

    Increased sales opportunities

    Because you are having different portals for your business. Your sales will be growing by 80%. You can connect to your customers through a separate portal and business through a different portal. Hence, sales from both the portals become high.

    Database advantage

    You don’t have to save and copy a huge database. Because different portals can save the data separately. Hence, your data will not mix and you end up increasing revenue with less and organized data.

    Avail of our web development service today for your B2B and B2C portals.